Automotive Batteries & Accessories

  • Electrical System & Battery Testing

    battery and electrical system testing
  • Battery Load & Condition Testing

    battery load and condition testing
  • Heavy Duty Batteries for All Applications

    heavy duty 4wd battery
  • Dual Battery System

    dual battery system installed
  • Battery Recycling Centre

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  • Auto Electrical Accessories Supplied & Installed

  • Dual Battery Systems

  • Reversing Sensors

    parking sensors
  • Wireless Reversing Camera

    Wireless Backup Rear View
  • Rear View Cameras for Commercial Vehicles

    backup cameras for trucks
  • UHF & CB Radio Installs

    UHF Radio
  • Auto Electrical Accessories Supplied & Installed

  • Rear View Cameras for Commercial Vehicles

    backup cameras for trucks
  • Work & Commercial Auto Lighting

    led work light
  • Automotive Lighting – All Applications

    automotive lighting

The Right Battery for Your Vehicle

Auto Electrical Accessories

Professionally Tested & Installed

Don’t let a dead battery stop you in your tracks.

Why is it that batteries now seem to die without warning and of course it is always at the worst time possible?

You know that the problem is probably your battery, and the only thing you can do to get moving again is replace it, right now, as easily and economically as possible.

So who do you call?

Crowhurst Auto Electrical are Sydney’s car and truck battery specialists, who guarantee they can get your day back on the road  faster. We provide Sydney drivers with quality, high performance batteries. Getting the best battery for your application will give you more economical, trouble free motoring & peace of mind.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Whether you have a mobile home, RV, coach, bus or boat – you’ll benefit more by switching to quality Deep Cycle Batteries. With long running creature comforts such as air conditioning, television, navigation, fridges and technology; you need to be sure that power is supplied reliably and consistently for each application.

Recycle Your Battery

Do the right thing for the environment, recycle your automotive & deep cycle batteries.

At No COST to you we will organise to recycle your batteries. Simply drop your old batteries off, if it is after hours just leave next to the workshop roll-a-door.

We Install Auto Electrical Accessories including;

  • Engine Immobiliser and Car Alarm Systems (Insurance Co. Approved)
  • Deep Cycle System, supplied & installed
  • Solar Battery System, supplied & installed
  • Reversing Aid Systems, from Bosch Park Pilot systems to Camera and Monitor Display for trucks, trailer and commercial application.
  • Interface Reverse Cameras into genuine static navigation systems of Toyota, Ford and Subaru’s.
  • GPS Satellite navigation systems
  • UHF and CB Radios
  • AM – FM – CD units
  • Phone kits
  • All auxiliary lighting for all vehicles

Crowhurst Auto Electrical offers professional installation by fully qualified auto electrics. If you have a question on what is the best product for your application, contact us here.